How Do You Aquire Used Car Parts From Salvage Yards?


To acquire used parts from salvage yards, call around to local yards to learn about their prices and what they have in stock. When you have found the best salvage yard, visit the yard to pick your part out, and pay for it.

Some salvage yards are full-service, which means they remove the part for you. These are usually more expensive. Others allow you to pick your own part. If you opt for this type of yard, be sure to bring some tools with so you can remove the part. It is usually okay to cause some damage to the car as you remove the part, but try to avoid damaging other popular salvage parts.

For a pick-your-own salvage yard, look around for a map or ask an employee to point you towards the car you are looking for if you have a specific part in mind. Often, the more popular cars are at the front, and rarer cars are near the back, but this depends on the manufacturer. Be sure to inspect the area for safety hazards before beginning to remove the part as the person before you may not have been careful. Dress in clothing you do not mind getting dirty, and bring a more experienced friend if possible.