What Are Some Approved Arctic Cat ATV Batteries?

What Are Some Approved Arctic Cat ATV Batteries?

Some approved brands of replacement Arctic Cat ATV batteries include Scorpion, Shorai, Motocross and Odyssey. The exact battery required depends on your specific ATV model, its performance needs and your budget.

Scorpion batteries are ISO 9001 certified. They are vibration-, heat- and corrosion-resistant and come with a one-year warranty. Some Arctic Cat ATV batteries from Scorpion include the YB14A-A2 Scorpion 12v 190 CCA Power Sport Wet Battery with Acid Pack and the SSTX20HQ-FP Scorpion Stinger 12v 525 CCA LiFePo4 Quad Terminal Extreme High Output Battery.

Shorai Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are lightweight, heavy-duty, durable and environmentally friendly. They recharge very fast and do not leak. The best Shorai battery for Arctic Cat ATVs is the LFX14L2-BS12 Shorai 12v 14 AH PBEq LiFePO4 Power Sports Battery.

Motocross batteries by Yuasa Battery, Inc., are made in the U.S. and are the original equipment supplied for many ATV brands. They can withstand extreme conditions and come with a one-year warranty. For Arctic Cat models from 2006 to 2011, the YTX12-BS Motocross 12v 180 CCA Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery is recommended.

The PC310 Odyssey 12v 100 CCA Power Sport & Motorcycle AGM Battery is another maintenance-free dry cell battery recommended by Arctic Cat engineers for an ATV. It has a lifespan of five years and comes with a two-year warranty.