How Do You Apply for a Wisconsin License Plate Renewal?

How Do You Apply for a Wisconsin License Plate Renewal?

In the state of Wisconsin a license plate can be renewed online, through the mail or in person at the DMV. Fees must be paid through cash, check, debit card or certain credit cards, and late fees may apply for renewals that are received after the expiration date.

To apply for a renewal online, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website has forms available that can be filled out and submitted along with the fee payment. Payments accepted online include debit cards and credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. After applying online a new license plate sticker and registration is sent within seven to 10 business days.

To renew a license plate by mail, the renewal notice and fee need to be mailed to the return address shown on the notice. After applying for renewal through mail a new plate sticker and vehicle registration are sent within 10 days.

A license can also be renewed in person by visiting the closest DMV location or any business or agency licensed to provide basic registration services. Fees range, but the maximum allowed renewal fee is $10 and the maximum title transaction fee is $19.50.

The Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles website also has a plate look-up where drivers can check if their plate is valid, when their plate expires and whether an emissions test is required for their vehicle.