How Do You Apply Vinyl Graphics to Your RV?


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To apply vinyl graphics to an RV, thoroughly wash the area you wish to place the graphic with soap and water and remove any adhesive residue with an adhesive remover. Make a straight horizontal reference line, and mark it so that the line matches up with a straight edge of the graphic. For dry application, pull the backing off the graphic, pull the graphic tight, and attach it to the RV. Once positioned properly, squeegee the graphic until flat.

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For wet application, fill a spray bottle with water and several drops of light soap, such as baby shampoo. Make sure the area of the vehicle you wish to place the graphic is warm enough to form a bond with the adhesive. Wet the surface of the RV or one-half of the back of the graphic using the spray bottle, and then press half of the graphic to the RV. Flatten the graphic to the RV using a squeegee until there are no bubbles. Repeat these steps for the other half of the graphic.

For complex or hard-to-handle graphics, first tape the vinyl graphic into the desired position with a vertical strip of masking tape across the center of the graphic part. Pull the tape off from one side of the graphic, leaving the other side taped down. Use the wet or dry method to adhere the graphic to the RV, starting at the center of the piece and working towards the edge pulled free from the tape.

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