How Do You Apply Pinstriping to a Car?


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Apply pinstriping to a car by painting it using a special painting machine or manually with the aid of masking tape. Apply vinyl pinstriping graphics to the vehicle by cleaning the car's surface and applying the graphics by hand.

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When applying pinstripes to a car with paint, clean the vehicle beforehand, and make sure it is thoroughly dry to avoid drips or disruptions in the paint. Many companies make special paint application devices that allow you to load in the paint color of your choice and move the machine along the vehicle exterior to ensure the proper application amount and edges. However, these devices feature limitations in terms of coverage areas and line styles. Another option is to use guiding tape that contains a removable section to create instant masking for hand painting. Alternately, use special vehicle paint masking tape to create custom guidelines for the painting.

Vinyl graphic pinstripes also require the car to be clean and free of dirt, as well as cool enough to avoid uneven application resulting from excessive heat. Take the graphic tape and place one edge on the vehicle as a starting point, then unroll it along the car following the window line or another straight line on the vehicle. Press it down as you go to release any air bubbles, which can cause the vinyl to fall off over time.

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