How Do You Apply Liquid Glass Car Polish?

Before applying Liquid Glass auto polish, check for bird droppings and surface scratches. Use a pre-cleaner to remove them before polishing. Pour a small amount of Liquid Glass pre-cleaner onto a soft cloth and apply a light coat with a straight motion, moving back and forth.

Wait until the liquid becomes a haze, and wipe the car down with a soft, clean cloth. Let the car sit in the sun before polishing.

To polish, apply the Liquid Glass with a coarse, cotton cloth using the same straight, back and forth motion. Apply to one section of the vehicle at a time. Wait until a haze appears, and wipe the polish off with a dry, clean cloth. The car should sit in the sun to cure for four hours before applying a second coat. Another option is to wait for another day before adding an additional coat.

Liquid Glass coats vehicles with a hard smooth and clear finish. It does not contain wax, oil, Teflon or acrylic. Liquid Glass contains carbon that enables it to impart a hard finish that is resistant to cracking, chipping and peeling. Liquid Glass provides protection against road salt, tars, bird droppings, bugs and scratches from branches. It is suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats.