How Do You Apply Large Vinyl Car Decals?

How Do You Apply Large Vinyl Car Decals?

To apply large vinyl car decals, clean the host area thoroughly using a cleaning solution, dry it, and measure the area. Take the decal's protective backing out, and place the decal on the desired location. With a squeegee, press over the decal, air-dry for a few minutes, and finally peel off the topping paper.

To prepare the cleaning solution, combine dishwashing detergent and nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol in a ratio of 2:1. Use this solution to the clean the decal area, and wipe it using a paper towel or a lint-free cloth.

Measure the length and breadth of the area, and use the measurements to center the decal. After determining the decal's precise location, peel off its protective backing, and position it flat on the appropriate area. Since the decal is large, have someone to assist you when doing this. Apply a few pieces of masking tape on the decal's topping paper to secure it in place.

Press the decal firmly using a squeegee made of rubber or plastic. Press the entire decal area to remove all tiny bubbles of air. Press carefully to avoid tearing or stretching the vinyl.

Allow the decal to air-dry for around 15 minutes, and gently pull off the masking tape. To remove the topping paper, hold one of its top corners, and peel at an angle of 45 degrees until the paper comes off completely.

If any air bubbles are still present, prick them using a needle after one or two days.