How Do You Apply for a Hardship License in Texas?


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Request a hearing with the state court, show evidence of a need to drive and submit a pink SR-22 insurance certificate, an SR-37 form and the required statutory reinstatement fees to apply for a hardship license in Texas, according to US Legal. The court also considers the petitioner's driving record when determining applicability of hardship licensing.

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The three essential needs that the state court takes into consideration for hardship license applications are the need to drive in the performance work, or to travel to and from school or in the performance of household duties, notes US Legal. In each of these cases, the court may decide that counseling is necessary, or that an ignition interlock device must be installed on the applicant's vehicle.

An applicant for a hardship license cannot use an occupational license to operate commercial vehicles if his previous license has been revoked, suspended or cancelled under any applicable law, notes US Legal. Minors can apply for occupational licenses under certain conditions but are subject to waiting periods if prior convictions exist. In the state of Texas, requests for occupational hardship licenses are made to the district or county court in the jurisdiction of the applicant's residence, or to the jurisdiction where the original offense occurred.

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