How Do You Apply for a Florida Driving License?


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To apply for a Florida driver?s license, complete a traffic law and substance abuse course and submit proof of identity and residence to the DMV, as of 2015. Next, pass a driving test and written traffic law and sign test and pay a $48 fee.

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Acceptable proof of identity and residence include a U.S birth or citizenship certificate, permanent resident card or Social Security card, and two documents such as a rental agreement or bank statement that indicate the applicant resides in Florida.

The driving test involves assessing the driver's ability to adhere to traffic rules and operate a vehicle securely. Prior to testing, the applicant must submit a validly registered vehicle for the road test. The applicant must also be able to show proof of the vehicle's insurance coverage. Once the vehicle passes inspection, the applicant demonstrates various driving skills such as overtaking, parking the vehicle, reversing and performing a three-point turn. An applicant who fails the test has the option to retake it on another day, but a fee of $20 is payable.

The written test assesses the applicant's knowledge of road signs and traffic rules and features 50 multiple-choice questions. If an applicant fails the written test, there is a fee of $10 to retake it.

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