What Are Applications for Champion Spark Plugs?

Champion manufactures spark plugs for use in automobiles, high-performance engines, marine vehicles, lawn and garden tools and industrial equipment. Champion also produces glow plugs for use in diesel engines. Many of Champion's spark plugs are available in multiple variants.

Many Champion spark plugs are for everyday applications in cars, trucks, minivans and other vehicles. The company offers four variants of these spark plugs at different price points and different levels of performance. The Iridium line is Champion's standard automotive spark plug, suitable for all automotive applications. Champion's longer-lasting Platinum Power and Double Platinum Power spark plugs feature more durable platinum electrodes. The Copper Plus line is Champion's economy spark plug.

Champion's performance line includes spark plugs for endurance racing NASCAR engines. Spark plugs for top-fuel dragsters and funny cars are available in Champion's National Hot Rod Association spark plug range.

Champion's Power Sport line includes a range of spark plugs solely for applications in racing snowmobiles and a separate line for all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, standard snowmobiles and personal watercraft. Champion manufactures spark plugs for larger watercraft as part of its Champion Marine line.

Champion's small engine line contains spark plugs for use in lawnmowers, string trimmers, chainsaws and snowblowers. A separate small engine E-Z Start line reduces the effort needed to pull-start small engine equipment.