How Do You Take Apart and Clean a Mikuni Carburetor?

How Do You Take Apart and Clean a Mikuni Carburetor?

To take apart a Mikuni carburetor, remove the component's float bowl, floats, pilot jets and main jet. Use pieces of copper wire and a carburetor cleaner to remove fuel residue accumulated in the holes of the jets.

To remove the float bowl of the Mikuni carburetor, identify its four retainer screws located at the underside of the component. Remove the screws using a screwdriver, and tug the float bowl upwards to detach it from the carburetor.

For taking out the floats, push the retainer pin present at the floats' top, and slide it out. To remove the jets, turn the main and pilot jets in a counter-clockwise direction until they are completely detached from the carburetor. Keep all the detached components safely aside.

To clean the carburetor, first cut a copper wire into three pieces, each with a length of 12 inches. Twist two of these pieces around each other, and insert it into the bigger holes of the jets. Work the wire to push out fuel residue from the holes. Insert the third copper wire piece into the smaller holes of the jets to scrape out accumulated debris. Then, spray the cleaner for carburetors into all the holes of the jets.

After cleaning, replace the jets by turning them clockwise on the carburetor. Then, identify the metal tab affixed to the fuel needle, and press it in an upward or downward direction. This positions the floats directly beneath the fuel needle. Finally, secure the float bowl using its retainer screws.