What Are the Answers to the DMV Test?


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The DMV written test contains over 100 different questions and answers, which change regularly according to adjustments in driving laws and local laws, as well as the version of the test being used. The content of each test can vary dramatically.

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The Department of Motor Vehicles offers practice tests on its official website for a given county or state, which helps prepare test-takers for the content they should expect. These tests include answer sheets for reference. Additionally, each DMV website includes the state driving manual, which contains everything a local driver needs to know in order to drive safely and defensively, such as road signs and safety rules.

Current answers to driving tests are not listed in any official capacity on public websites, as the tests are changed regularly to discourage cheating. Cheating on a driving test is dangerous, since drivers who have not mastered the content of driving manuals are not equipped to drive on the road.

The Driver's Handbook contains all the answers a driver needs to pass a DMV written test. Most sources recommend studying this handbook thoroughly in order to learn the answers to a DMV test, as it is the official source for this information.

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