What Is the American Motorcycle Association?


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The American Motorcycle Association is the largest motorcycle organization in the world as of 2015; the organization advocates for the interests of motorcycle enthusiasts. Some of the members join to learn about competitions, while others simply want a place to come together with others that have similar interests.

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The AMA has been an advocate for motorcyclists since 1924, protecting their members' interests in different governments and public opinion. There are partners, promoters and member clubs that work through the AMA. The AMA announces various competitions and recreational events around the world for motorcycle riding and racing, and maintains a Motorcycle Hall of Fame. AMA members receive perks such as discounts from well-known manufacturers and suppliers of motorcycles and gear.

Every year, the AMA releases an annual report that allows members to look over the focus of the organization for the previous year. They also have a code of regulations, board of directors and U.S. affiliates.

The AMA has its roots in the Federation of American Motorcyclists and New York Motorcycle Club, which started in approximately 1903. The FAM went out of business in 1919, but other organizations soon followed, including the Motorcycle and Allied Trades Association and eventually the AMA.

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