What Is an Aluminum Gooseneck Trailer?


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An aluminum gooseneck trailer is a type of towing container that attaches to various types of trucks. Its name refers to the fact that it is made out of aluminum, and the storage design for the area that connects to the truck resembles the head and neck of a goose.

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In most standard trailer designs, the body of the trailer is a complete square or rectangle that has a minimum of two wheels and a hitch mechanism that allows it to connect to the back of a truck. In a gooseneck trailer design, there is an additional storage area that extends above the hitching mechanism. This gives the visual impression of a goose when viewing the trailer, because it has a large body with a small protruding area at the top.

Some of the most common uses for aluminum gooseneck trailers are for towing cars, due to the unique combination of lightweight materials and high towing capacity afforded by aluminum. The gooseneck design allows cars and related equipment to be stored within the same trailer. For example, a crew for a race car driver may use a gooseneck trailer because tires and maintenance equipment can be stored in the extended gooseneck area, while the car can be loaded into the main body of the trailer.

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