Are Aluminum Brake Parts Good?


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Compared to traditional steel brakes and brakes made of other materials, aluminum brake discs offer several advantages, such as durability, their light weight and better heat dissipation, according to Geeks On Cars. The quality of a car's brakes is crucial for the car's overall safety and performance.

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Aluminum brake discs are strong and corrosion- and rust-resistant over long periods of time. They also have longer service lives compared to brake discs made of other materials because they can be machined back to a smooth surface and reused. Because aluminum is lighter than steel, cars with aluminum brake discs weigh about 25 pounds lighter, leading to better car performance, shorter stopping distance, faster acceleration and better fuel economy. Because of better heat dissipation, aluminum brake discs do not overheat, resulting in better brake performance, a longer-lasting braking system and improved overall car safety.

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