How Do You Find Ally's Auto Loan Rates?


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To find the Ally auto loan rates for which you qualify, submit an auto loan application through an affiliated auto dealer. Visit the Ally Auto website, and select the "Find a Dealer" tab to locate nearby dealers.

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Auto loan rates fluctuate in response to many economic factors, including the national prime rate and the availability of funds in the credit market. In general, if the national prime rate is low, and there is a surplus of funds available, you could qualify for a lower interest rate.

Your individual rate depends on personal factors, such as your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, the terms of the loan, and your down payment. In general, lenders offer lower rates to buyers with high credit scores, low debt-to-income ratios, shorter term loans and larger down payments. They also offer lower rates for new vehicles than for used inventory. Some lenders and vehicle manufacturers offer promotional rates on certain makes and models. Ask your dealer which vehicles qualify for special rates.

In addition to auto loans, Ally offers lease options and the Ally Buyer's Choice program. Ally Buyer's Choice combines elements of purchase and lease contracts to offer consumers more flexibility when purchasing a new GM, Chrysler or Mitsubishi brand of vehicle. The special contract rider allows you to select a 48-month or 60-month special pre-payment date. On that date, you can choose to continue making payments as scheduled, or sell the vehicle back to the dealer at a pre-negotiated price.

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