How Do You Get an Alabama's Driver's License?


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People interested in obtaining a driver's license in Alabama need to pass a vision screening, written test and road test. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age, but learner's and restricted licenses are available under certain conditions for younger people. People whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked in any state are not eligible to apply.

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When taking the vision screening, wear corrective lenses if necessary. If the applicant fails the vision screening, Alabama law mandates a visit to a licensed eye specialist who files a report with the examiner determining whether or not the applicant's vision is sufficient to operate a car safely.

The written test consists of questions taken from the Alabama Driver License manual, which concerns itself with traffic laws and the rules of safe driving. If the applicant passes the written test, the examiner issues a temporary driver's license, with a permanent copy arriving in the mail within 30 days.

The road test begins with the examiner checking the vehicle for the required equipment, all of which must be in good operating condition. The test is designed to measure the applicant's ability to operate a car or motor vehicle under normal traffic conditions. Violating a traffic law or refusal to perform a maneuver results in automatic failure.

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