How do you find airplane seat maps?


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To find airplane seat maps, visit air travel information sites, such as SeatGuru.com or SeatMaestro.com, and browse seat maps by airline and aircraft, or enter a flight number or route details and departure date in the search box to see a specific plane's seat map. Some airlines, such as Delta and United Airlines, include seat plans in their aircraft information pages, and most commercial airlines offer customers seat plans during the seat selection stage of the online booking process.

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A typical airplane seat map featured on SeatGuru.com shows the layout of each section of the plane's cabin, including the orientation of any lie-flat business seats, the seat and row numbers, and the locations of the aisles and wings. The maps also display the locations of bassinets, restrooms, galleys, closets and emergency exits. Color-coding identifies specific seats that have particularly good or bad features, and visitors can hover over each seat to view a pop-up box containing further information and an explanation for any judgements.

SeatMaestro.com's seat maps display similar information to those on SeatGuru.com but do not offer explanations for seats described as good or bad.

The seat maps featured on United.com and Delta.com include seat and row numbers but do not offer any judgements about the advantages or disadvantages of individual seats.

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