What Aircraft Manuals Does the FAA Offer?


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The Federal Aviation Administration offers several aircraft manuals including the IR-M 8040-1C Airworthiness Directives Manual, Aviation Maintenance Technician's Handbook and the Aeronautical Information Manual, among others. The government website also provides manuals and handbooks for examiners and inspectors.

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Other manuals and handbooks offered by the FAA include the Advanced Avionics Handbook, Airplane Flying Handbook, Instrument Procedures Handbook, Aviation Instructor's Handbook and Helicopter Flying Handbook. The government site also provides a Student Pilot Guide, Runway Incursion Avoidance Manual, Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook and 14 chapters of the Aviation Maintenance General Technician Handbook, as of July 2015. The examiners and inspectors manuals include the Designee Management Handbook and the Flight Standards Information Management System Manual.

Each manual and handbook is available for download in PDF form on FAA.gov. Handbooks and manuals are designed for beginners and aviation professionals, alike. All manuals and handbooks are updated regularly to reflect FAA regulations. Users can also purchase manuals and handbooks through the Government Printing Office Bookstore.

The FAA also offers training programs and materials for Air Traffic Collegiate, Aircraft Technical Certification, Aircraft Dispatcher Training and Flight Standards programs. Additionally, the government website provides testing publications for Airmen Practical Tests, including sample knowledge questions and testing guides.

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