What Are the Airbus A320-100 and A320-200?


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The Airbus A320 series of planes has two variations: the A320-100 and the A320-200. Both variations are in current operation through numerous airline carriers around the globe. The A320-200 is the most widely flown of the two models, while there is less demand for A320-100 models. The original model of the plane, the A320-100, lacks the wingtip fences and increased fuel capacity of the later model A320-200 planes.

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The planes both seat around 150 passengers. The A320-200 models, with the increased fuel capacity, are able to continuously fly 2,900 nautical miles with a full load of passengers, using two CFMI CFM56-5 or IAE V2500 engines.

In the first-class cabin, seats are situated in two rows of two seats each. In the economy cabin, the seats are in two rows of three seats across. In many planes, AC adaptors are available in each or every other seat. Many planes are also equipped with in-flight entertainment systems built into each seat. There are 33 rows of seating in the planes.

Both planes fly up to 520 miles per hour and cruise at an altitude of 35,000 feet. The planes are wheelchair accessible for entry and in the on-board restrooms. The planes' direct competitor is the Boeing 737-800.

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