Are Airbus A319 Interiors Comfortable?


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Airbus A319 interiors boast plenty of comfort for passengers, with seats averaging 18 inches, rather than the 17 inches found in many passenger airlines, taller overhead bins and wider cabin bodies to maximize room. Customers on Airbus A319 planes select from cabin or first class seating arrangements, like other planes. However, even passengers in the cabin or economy class enjoy wider and taller seats than offered in cabins in smaller planes, along with a variety of technical features.

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The Airbus A319 cabin layout allows for seats with more pitch than standard seats, providing ultimate passenger comfort even though these planes fit more passengers into their cabins. Traditionally, Airbus A319 planes contain more rows of seats than planes of a similar size, maximizing their seating economy. Since Airbus A319 planes generally fly long distances, many airlines offer creature comforts, such as access to technology. They offer a full service on their flights, including food and beverages. The special seat design on these aircraft proves conducive to rest, too, and offers passengers enough comfort to sleep. Passengers aboard these planes find various services, depending on the airline, but enjoy basic amenities like bathrooms and closets. Airbus A319s have a distinct layout, too, including a body length over 110 feet and a wingspan of a similar distance.

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