What Are Some Airbag Trouble Codes?

Airbag diagnostic codes go up to 53, and some of the trouble codes are a shorted out airbag circuit, which is 13, and a short in the airbag's crash sensor circuit, which is code 14. When the battery voltage is low in the airbag, code 12 appears.

Another airbag code, 21, means the mounting of the airbag is incorrect. Code 22 is an indication that the safing sensor output has a short, and code 23 means one of the circuits to the sensor input is open. If code 24 appears, the system is indicating that there is an open output feed. Any code from 32 to 35 indicates that there are issues with airbags on the passenger and driver sides, and codes 41 to 45 indicate an issue with the LF and RF sensor.