Does an Air Filter Pre-Cleaner Improve Engine Performance?


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An air filter precleaner can improve engine performance because it prevents large amounts of contaminants from entering the engine. Clogged air filters reduce engine performance, increase fuel consumption and increase exhaust fumes. Precleaners run the gamut from heavy duty to extra light.

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Does an Air Filter Pre-Cleaner Improve Engine Performance?
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Air filter precleaners are essential for heavy-duty diesel engines. The air for these engines needs to be as clean as possible, and heavy-duty diesel engines require between 3,650 to 5,600 gallons of air to burn approximately 0.26 gallons of fuel. The air consumed by a light-duty vehicle such as a truck with a 16-liter engine consumes about 44 pounds of contaminants per 62,500 miles.

An air filter precleaner is clamped to the air intake system. When air containing large particles of contaminants enters the precleaner, a tornado effect is created inside by a one-piece impeller. The centrifugal force expels the heavier particles of contaminants through a discharge port allowing only clean air containing smaller and lighter particles to enter the engine's intake pipe. Those smaller and lighter particles are then easily removed by the standard air filter. This makes the air intake less restricted, which improves engine performance, lowers fuel consumption and decreases exhaust fumes, thereby increasing efficiency.

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