How Do You Take an Air Brakes Practice Test?


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Truck drivers and other professionals who are interested in procuring a commercial driver's license (CDL) can take air brakes practice tests at websites like Trucking Truth and the Crist CDL Training Center. Both online tests are free to use and score.

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How Do You Take an Air Brakes Practice Test?
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At Trucking Truth, each of the 15 multiple-choice air brakes questions includes a button underneath it to discover the answer. Many of the answers given provide in-depth information about why that answer is the correct choice. Users should take the entire test without clicking the answer buttons, then return to each question to see how they scored.

The Crist CDL website provides a five-question air brakes practice test for those studying for their CDL tests. Users can provide their names and email addresses so that their scores are emailed to them upon completion of the test. The website provides six versions of the air brakes test.

In order to obtain a CDL, students must take both a written and practical exam. The written exam includes numerous sections, including one on the use of air brakes, through which applicants demonstrate their academic grasp on the material. CDL applicants must also pass a vision and medical exam to prove they have no illnesses or other conditions that might prevent them from operating a vehicle safely.

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