Where Are AGM Batteries Sold Online?


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Absorbed glass mat, or AGM, batteries can be purchased online at specialty battery store websites. AGM batteries are most commonly used with high-performance vehicles, such as motorcycles or snowmobiles.

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High performance batteries, such as AGM batteries, differ from the standard battery that is used in most standard cars. The average automobile battery is called a wet cell or flooded, battery. The AGM or gel cell is used in high performance vehicles, such as racing motorcycles or other recreational equipment.

The AGM battery costs more than a standard car battery, but lasts twice as long. It became popular in the 1980s as a sealed lead acid battery designed for military aircraft, weighs less than a standard car battery. The idea for the design was to make a battery where the acid is absorbed by a very fine fiberglass mat. It is designed to contain only enough of the battery liquid to run efficiently and keep the cells wet. It is constructed so if the battery should break, there is little, if any, liquid that will leak out.

There are many specialty online battery websites online where AGM batteries can be purchased. Many auto parts retailers also sell these batteries.

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