What Are Some of the Most Affordable RVs?


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Some of the most affordable RVs, or recreational vehicles, are hitch trailers, according to Gizmag. Hitch trailers are available in assorted shapes and sizes and can be towed along using compact vehicles. Some examples of hitch trailers include the Outback, Nomad 420 and Opus camper trailer.

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The Outback is a hitch trailer that weights under 800 lbs. It features a sleeping area for two, stove sink and table.

The Nomad 420 is an older model hitch trailer that weighs approximately 2,200 lbs.

The Opus camper utilizes a tent that is stored underneath its lids. When close it can be used to store camping gear. However, once opened it houses enough room for up to six people. It also has a stove, table, couch and optional bathroom, notes Gizmag.

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