What Are Some Advantages of Using DuPont Auto Paint?

Some advantages of using DuPont, or Axalta, auto paint include a reduction in the number of "bake" cycles needed for paint application, the possibility for eco-friendly products, and long-term paint protection. Another possible advantage is that some products do not require as many coating procedures as other paints.

In 2013, DuPont changed the name of the auto paints to Axalta. Axalta's 3-Wet paint system for cars is a more energy efficient paint, as it is possible to apply several coats of the paint while other coats are wet. This means the paint only needs to be flash-dried instead of being dried in repeated bake cycles. It saves energy-related costs and enables manufacturers to use smaller, lower-energy baking ovens.

Axalta's Eco-Concept paint decreases production time because it combines primer and base coat into one product. This also decreases baking steps. The color of the paint is still rich and provides long-term wear, while reducing color fade from ultraviolet radiation, claims the company.

Axalta's 2-Wet Monocoat system combines the protection of a clear coat into the base coat. The company applies a 2-wet primer first and bakes it with a no-heat ambient flash. Afterwards, it applies and bakes a 2-Wet Monocoat, as normal. This reduces the coating applications and the number of baking cycles. This system decreases production time and reduces energy output. The paint is highly durable and retains its glossiness longer than other mono coat systems.