What Are the Advantages of Using a Drop Hitch Trailer Hitch?


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The main advantage of using a drop hitch trailer receiver is that it keeps the trailer from unbalancing the vehicle by ensuring that the trailer hitch and the vehicle's towing gear are at the same height. This helps to level the trailer and ensure its weight is evenly distributed between the towing vehicle's front and back tires.

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Without a drop hitch receiver, the added weight of the trailer shifts the balance of the vehicle to the back tires, causing the vehicle to sag. This is potentially a hazardous situation, as it can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle or the trailer.

Drop hitch receivers come in various sizes, altering the height of the hitch by 2 to 10 inches. To determine which size of drop hitch receiver to use, first measure the height of the trailer's hitch, making sure that the trailer is level before measuring. Next, measure the height of the vehicle's towing gear. The difference between these two numbers corresponds to the amount of drop the hitch needs to have. For example, if there is a 2-inch difference between the trailer hitch and the vehicle's receiver, a 2-inch drop hitch is needed to eliminate the height difference.

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