What Are the Advantages of Using DriveTime's Car Inventory?

What Are the Advantages of Using DriveTime's Car Inventory?

DriveTime's car inventory helps users to find safe, high-quality used cars from approved dealers across the United States. Using DriveTime may be safer and easier than using general online used car classifieds where anyone can post an ad, and provides more variety than visiting a single used car dealership.

The DriveTime car inventory lists used cars for sale at dealerships in many U.S. states. Users start their search by looking up a location, and can then filter by the type of vehicle, make and model, mileage and year of the cars they are looking for.

Only approved, quality used-car dealerships are included in the DriveTime inventory, so users can feel safe about who they are doing business with. This also allows potential buyers to see what is available in multiple locations near them at once.

The DriveTime car inventory is updated daily, so users can see new cars as soon as they go on sale at the dealerships that DriveTime works with. Multiple images of the interior and exterior of each car are available, as well as detailed information about the car's features, safety and emissions rating.

Users can also arrange for financing and request a car's history report through the DriveTime website.