What Are the Advantages of Tire Disposal Companies?


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Tire disposal companies provide the benefit of reusing, recycling or destroying tires that have reached the end of their life cycle with a minimum of waste and pollution. Some companies go out of their way to repair the tires, while others use them as an infill in athletic fields.

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Tires that need to be disposed of are accepted both by tire companies and local facilities that recycle tires, as well as other waste. These companies recycle tires in various ways that reduce the amount of waste the tire would otherwise generate, and they are properly equipped to incinerate tires that cannot be recycled.

Recycled tires are then repaired with new treads or used as components in playgrounds and athletic fields, acting as a soft infill that resists wear and tear. Recycled tires may be turned into other rubber products, broken down into fuel or disposed of. Many companies that reuse or recycle tires have stockpiles of tires that are sold to other companies that have other uses.

Liberty Tire Recycling, a company geared toward the specific purpose of recycling tires, is one company that specializes in the green disposal of tires. Liberty Tire Recycling generates fuel and a component for asphalt out of the tires it receives, among other products.

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