What Are the Advantages of Small Homes on Wheels?


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The advantages of small homes on wheels, also called tiny houses, include lower utility costs, getting rid of clutter, a low carbon footprint and money saving. The manner in which these homes benefit someone can vary from home to home because of individual needs and the fact that the sizes and costs of the homes can differ greatly.

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Because most tiny homes are around 500 square feet in size, they take a lot less power to heat or cool. This small size also means that anything tiny home owners do not absolutely need has to be discarded. Storage is at a minimum in these homes, so home owners either have to sell or donate items or rent a storage shed for extra storage. The homes use up less materials, which means less resources used, but it also means that there are fewer emissions both from the home and the companies making the homes, decreasing their environmental impact.

Many of these homes are so small that they take very little effort to clean. This makes them ideal for busy career people or retirees looking for something with easy maintenance. While these homes are not very aerodynamic, they can be hauled like RVs with the use of a large truck. These can be hard to place at RV parks and camping, but it is not impossible to park them with some practice.

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