What Are Some Advantages of RV Slide Outs?

Slide outs for RVs increase the space and improve the floor plan inside the vehicle when parked. They keep the vehicle compact enough to maneuver on regular streets and parking areas and don't produce extra wind resistance on highways. Available for both trailers and motor homes, a slide out is an extra compartment installed in a room, which owners can expand while parked and slide back in place within the vehicle when traveling.

Slide outs can extend any room in an RV, allowing for more spacious bedrooms, more seating in entertainment areas, and space for involved cooking and food preparation in kitchens. With multiple slide outs, more than 70 extra square feet are available in an RV's layout. Some types of slide outs are manual, but electric motors or hydraulics control most modern versions, allowing for easy expansion and retraction. Owners can order slide outs for some RV models or custom-install them into an existing vehicle.

When operating a slide out, clear all loose objects out of the way of the mechanism, including those on the walls and ceiling. Check outside the vehicle to ensure no objects are in the way of the compartment's expansion that could damage the slide out.