What Are the Advantages of Riding an Old School Bobber?


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Some advantages of riding an old-school bobber are making a personal statement with your vehicle, greater feel for the road, less weight and drag, easier maintenance and aesthetics. The minimalist style of a bobber often improves performance, but also makes them uncomfortable to ride.

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A bobber is a style of motorcycle that forgoes extraneous pieces such as fenders, wind guards and sissy bars in favor of a very sleek and lightweight appearance. Bobbers are typically custom-made, allowing owners to personalize their vehicle to their own aesthetic preferences. Their minimalism also makes maintenance easier, as there are fewer parts to repair or replace. One key bobber conversion, the removal of the suspension, increases feel for the road at the cost of discomfort when riding over rough terrain.

The original impetus for the style was speed. Removing fenders and other parts was intended to give the engine less work to do, moving a lighter bike against less air resistance. As of 2015, the naked sport bike has replaced the bobber as a competitive minimalist racing motorcycle. However, bobbers still retain some popularity for their striking appearance.

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