What Are the Advantages of a Pickup Slide-in Camper?

The advantages of a pickup slide-in camper include convenience, economy and all-weather comfort. Like other recreational vehicles, slide-in campers have evolved so they provide a luxurious home on wheels.

Driving a pickup with a slide-in camper loaded is as easy as driving the truck without it. It is easy to maneuver the truck into a campsite or parking spot at the grocery store. Electric jacks make loading and offloading the unit easy, making it possible to store the camper at home and using the truck normally. At the campsite, owners can remove the camper to free the truck for sightseeing. Drivers should keep in mind the unit adds height and length to the vehicle.

Slide-in campers cost less than trailers or self-contained recreational vehicles, and the savings continue after the purchase. They do not require expensive registration as do separate units. In most states, the only registration the owner pays is for the truck. Maintaining a truck is also less expensive than maintaining a motor home.

Manufacturers include furnaces and air conditioners to keep occupants comfortable regardless of the outside temperature. By placing the unit on a four-wheel drive pickup, owners can take their luxurious accommodations on the back roads and enjoy comfortable camping in locations inaccessible to other RVs.