What Are Some Advantages of Manual Transmission Vehicles?


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Some advantages of having a manual transmission in a vehicle include a greater sense of control of the vehicle and better gas mileage. Additionally, braking is easier in vehicles with manual transmissions.

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Vehicles with automatic transmissions typically also have torque converters. The torque converter pushes the vehicle forward. In vehicles with manual transmissions, there is no torque converter, so braking is much easier as slowing down is aided by the decreasing momentum of the engine instead. Manual vehicles also accelerate quicker.

Another advantage of a manual transmission is that if the transmission needs to be changed, it costs much less than if it were automatic. Not only that, but manual transmissions in general are typically less expensive than automatic ones.

In terms of gas mileage, vehicles with manual transmissions typically use about 5 to 15 percent less fuel, or 5 miles per gallon less, than vehicles with automatic transmissions, although this does depend on the condition of the road and the quality of the driver. Stick shifts also require that the user pays attention and that both hands are in use; this means it is harder to use a mobile device while driving, which can equate to safer driving.

It also takes time to learn how to operate a stick shift properly. One advantage of this is the sense of accomplishment received when it is mastered.

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