What Are the Advantages of Getting a Remote Starter Installed in Your Car?

Advantages of having remote start installed on a vehicle include comfort inside the car, security, faster snow removal and increases resale value. The remote start features allows the cold engine to warm up on winter days before driving. This may help with engine's performance.

A main perk of installing a remote start is the option to warm or cool the car before getting in the vehicle. In the winter, turning on the car from the home or office gives the vehicle time to warm up. This helps thaw frost, snow or ice on the windows, making it easier to remove without a lot of scraping. In the hot summer months, turning on the car with the air conditioning running drops the temperature before driving. The driver needs to leave the heater or air conditioner on when he turns off the vehicle so it runs automatically when he initiates the remote start function.

The remote start system provides security while the vehicle runs unattended. If the owner leaves the vehicle locked, it runs without access to the vehicle. Even if the doors are unlocked, the key must go in the ignition to actually drive the vehicle. This provides a safer option than leaving a car running with the keys inside.