What Are the Advantages of Four-Wheel Drive?

Advantages of driving a vehicle with four-wheel drive include better traction, greater hauling and towing capabilities, and being able to handle snowy and icy driving conditions better. In some cases, drivers might simply feel more secure driving a vehicle that has four-wheel drive capabilities.

Increased traction on pavement and asphalt is one of main reasons drivers opt for vehicles with four-wheel drive. The wheels of the vehicle are better able to maintain a proper grip on the road during rain or snow, in mud and on gravel. Drivers who do a lot of towing and hauling may prefer the capabilities of a vehicle with four-wheel drive in order to keep the vehicle stable and increase the overall level of traction while towing.

While four-wheel drive is useful for navigating in areas with harsh winters, a majority of newer vehicles are made with automatic stability and traction control either as a standard option or one the driver can add on. Research has also shown that a vehicle with two-wheel drive and snow tires on all four wheels can perform better than a vehicle with four-wheel drive and regular tires. Unless a driver lives in or travels to an area with snowy and icy conditions, he is more than likely fine in a vehicle with two-wheel drive, and the same is true of drivers who don't venture off road.