What Are Some Advantages of Fifth-Wheel Trailers?


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Advantages of fifth-wheel trailers include greater interior height, more towing stability, less maintenance, increased storage space and better division of space. Because part of the fifth-wheel trailer goes above the tow vehicle, the total tow length is less than a travel trailer.

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Fifth-wheel trailers are generally higher inside than travel trailers, making them better suited for tall people. The height also makes the trailer seem more spacious. The living space that goes over the tow vehicle is often a bed area. Having the space higher than the rest of the trailer gives a greater feeling of separation and privacy.

A motorhome has its own engine and mechanical parts, adding maintenance that isn't necessary with a fifth-wheel. The tow vehicle separates from the fifth-wheel trailer at the destination, so the users don't need to tow a separate vehicle behind the trailer to drive after arriving. Because fifth-wheels attach to a hitch in the truck bed, they tend to be more stable than travel trailers that attach to a hitch at the back of a truck.

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