What Are the Advantages of Camper Vans?


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The advantages of camper vans are that they are easy to maneuver, offer better mileage, easily fit into most campsites, allow campers to stay outdoors and are spacious and self-contained, according to Campervan North America LLC. Camper vans can also be used to run errands at home, says Classic Vans.

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Camper vans are easier to maneuver than recreational vehicles, owing to their compact size. For this reason, they can access places recreational vehicles cannot. They can fit into most campsites and can be parallel parked, and they are easier to drive on narrow roads. Camper vans also offer better mileage than recreational vehicles, approximately 20 miles per gallon. This translates to more savings during camping.

Additionally, camper vans allow campers to stay outdoors rather than in hotel or motel rooms. They also reduce the hassle of pitching tents at the campsite. They are spacious and provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for one to five people. They are self-contained and come with facilities for cooking and showering.

Amenities normally available with camper vans include refrigerators, cooktops, televisions, roof air conditioners and cabinet storage. Finally, since most camper vans are built on a Dodge or Ford chassis, they can serve as a substitute car for running errands.

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