What Are the Advantages of Aluminum Bass Boats?


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Aluminum bass boats are lighter and less expensive to purchase and maintain than fiberglass bass boats. Though aluminum bass boats are often smaller than fiberglass boats, this offers an advantage in fuel efficiency and maneuverability.

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The primary advantages of aluminum bass boats are cost-related. In addition to their lower initial purchase cost, most aluminum boats can use smaller outboard motors than fiberglass boats due to their lower weight and smaller size. This allows buyers of aluminum bass boats to opt for less expensive outboard motors that are smaller and more fuel-efficient than those required for fiberglass boats. The light weight of aluminum boats also makes them cheaper to haul to lakes and streams. Maintenance costs and requirements for aluminum boats are relatively low, and aluminum boats are more resilient to incidental contact with the bottom of a lake or a rock than fiberglass boats. Insurance for aluminum boats is also usually more affordable as well.

While aluminum boats have many advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. Aluminum boats usually have a rougher ride in choppy waters as compared to fiberglass boats and are often noisier. The larger size of some fiberglass bass boats also makes it possible to use them for both fishing and other activities, while aluminum bass boats are usually only suitable for fishing.

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