How Do You Adjust a Throttle Cable?

To adjust a throttle cable, identify the accelerator cable under the car's hood, and adjust it by positioning the deflection-adjustment nut appropriately. On a motorcycle, loosen the cable adjusters, and open the throttle. Then, position the handlebars to face each side while cranking the throttle and adjusting it if required.

To adjust the throttle cable in a car, open the vehicle's hood and look for the accelerator cable, which is braided in appearance, towards the engine compartment's right side. The cable should have two nuts. The lug nut closer to the car's front is the lock nut, and the one towards the back is the deflection-adjustment nut.

Begin adjusting the throttle cable by loosening the lock nut. Then, turn the deflection-adjustment nut so that the cable's deflection in the center ranges from 1 to 3 millimeters. Finally, reposition the lock nut, and shut the car's hood.

To adjust the throttle cable in a motorcycle, unscrew the cable adjusters, and remove the switch housing. Apply lubrication to the cable. Then, replace the switch housing, and adjust the cable near the fuel tank until the manifold butterfly is level. This should fully open the accelerator.

With the handlebars turned towards the left, then right and center, crank open the accelerator and let go. The throttle should come back into position with a snap. If it does not, loosen it and repeat the process.