How Do You Adjust the Steering Box?


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To adjust the steering box, secure the torque wrench on the end of the input shaft, and note how much drag you need to bring the input shaft into the necessary position. Use a hammer and a drift to fasten the lock ring lightly, check the drag reading, and tighten the steering box using the adjusting screw. Lock the adjusting screw in place, and turn the steering box until the drag measurement becomes about 9 to 10 inches per pound.

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When identifying the drag value, if the input shaft is in a position parallel to the ground, hold the wrench up to ensure better accuracy. If the drag value is less than 4 inches per pound, slightly unscrew the bearing nut lock ring. Screw the bearing nut tighter, and measure the drag again. Repeat the same process until the drag value is around 4 to 5 inches per pound. Check the drag value after fastening the lock ring, as it may either fasten or loosen the bearing nut.

To tighten the steering box, rotate it between locks until the box becomes tight. Make sure that the drag is about 10 inches per pound in the center. It should remain about 5 inches per pound on the edges. Make sure to tighten the lock nut before you finish the process.

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