How Do You Adjust the Slide on Your RV?


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Adjust the slide on your RV by turning the bolts on the side of the vehicle. Turning the bolts up or down adjusts the fit of the seals to the interior and exterior walls of the RV. It also adjusts the approach angle of the slide up the ramp to the level of the floor inside the camp.

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The correct direction to turn the bolts depends on how you want to adjust the slide of your RV. Turning the bolt up results in a tighter seal at the top of the slide against the exterior wall of the vehicle when the slide is retracted, a tighter seal at the bottom of the slide against the interior wall when the slide is extended, and a shorter distance between the floor and the base of the slide-out when the slide is extended. Turning the bolt down results in the opposite, as the outside edge of the slide-out drops. This causes the space between the base of the slide and the floor of the camper when the slide-out is retracted to increase.

Take care not to raise the bolt and the outside edge of the slide if you want the slide to clear the floor when retracting. This action usually causes the edge of the slide to dig into the flooring of the camper.

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