How Do You Adjust the Rear Suspension on a Snowmobile?


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Adjust the suspension on a snowmobile by setting the spring preload and front torque limiter strap, verify even weight distribution and set the front free sag using the spring preload and rear free sag and loaded sag using the coupler device. Since adjusting either the front or rear suspension affects the suspension on the other end of the vehicle, the front and rear suspension of a snowmobile should both be adjusted at the same time.

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Setting a snowmobile's ride height and the stiffness of the suspension is important for optimizing its handling characteristics. The ride height varies based on the weight of the rider and any load or cargo that he normally carries when travelling. Snowmobile suspensions vary by manufacturer, so consult your owner's manual for specifications.

If the snowmobile's body rolls or dives in corners, try increasing the spring preload. If it tips up in corners, lifting the inside ski, lower the spring preload to reduce the snowmobile's center of gravity. If the rear suspension seems too "loose" (the rear of the snowmobile raises easily and drops with little effort), check that the front torque arm limit strap is pulled in with the vehicle resting on a flat surface. If the inside front ski lifts up when accelerating out of a corner,

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