How Do You Adjust a Polaris Carburetor?


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To adjust a Polaris carburetor, switch off the vehicle's engine, and identify the gold pins and air valve in it. Adjust these using a screwdriver based on the instructions given in the owner's manual.

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After turning off the engine of the Polaris, remove the key from the ignition as an added precaution. Also, allow the vehicle to cool completely. Adjusting the carburetor when it is hot puts you at the risk of burning your hands.

The gold pins are located at the side of the Polaris' engine and the air valve is situated at its bottom. Open the page on the carburetor adjustment chart in the owner's manual. This chart indicates the number of turns to be made on the gold pins to calibrate it. It also shows the number of turns to be made in the air valve screw based on the altitude at which the vehicle is used.

Begin adjusting the carburetor by tightening the gold pins until there is no scope to tighten them further. Now, the pins are calibrated to zero. Next, turn the pins as many times as indicated in the adjustment chart. Turn the screw of the air valve in a similar manner to increase or decrease the flow of air to the engine.

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