How Do You Adjust the Headlights on a Dodge?


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To adjust the headlights on a Dodge, prepare and position the vehicle in front of a wall, and mark the wall for the horizontal and vertical axes of the head and side lights. Inspect how the light beams fall on the marks, and adjust the headlight screws appropriately.

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How Do You Adjust the Headlights on a Dodge?
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To prepare the Dodge, fill the gas tank halfway, fill the trunk with the items that are usually in the trunk, and seat someone in the driver's seat. Position the vehicle on a level area in front of the wall, and maintain a 1-foot distance. Ensure that there are 25 feet of room behind the vehicle so that it can back up.

Mark the wall from the center of the headlight on the driver's side to the side light on the passenger's side with a piece of 6-foot long masking tape. This tape represents the beams' vertical axes. Mark the center point of the two headlights using 6-inch long tape pieces. This represents the beams' horizontal axes. The markings should appear like two crosses on the wall.

Now, back the vehicle up by 25 feet, and turn on the headlights. The headlight beams must fall a few inches below the 6-foot long tape. The passenger's side light beams should fall on the 6-inch long tape. The driver's side light beam should fall a few inches to the right of the 6-inch long tape.

If the light beams fall elsewhere, open the vehicle's hood, and locate the two adjustment screws in the headlight assembly. Adjust them using a screwdriver until the light beams hit the required spot.

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