How Do You Adjust Your Headlights?


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Adjusting headlights involves accessing the headlight adjuster screws and turning the screws until the beams relocate to the positions that you want. Checking the beams and repeating the process until you achieve desired results completes the process. Use a screwdriver, a level, tape, flat ground and a flat wall to complete this task. A measuring tape is also handy.

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Start by parking the vehicle on flat ground so the car faces the flat wall and lighting up the headlights. The car's front should be approximately 10 feet from the wall. Locate the points with the highest beam concentration on the wall, and tape them. Determine if the lights have similar heights with the level, and note any height difference. Stretch the measuring tape from one tape mark to the other, and read the distance.

Tape the horizontal and vertical adjustment points, which should be the points with the highest beam concentration after the adjustment. Lift up the car hood, and detach any decorative rings from the headlights. Using the screwdriver, turn the adjuster screw located on top of the headlight until the beam moves to the a desired height according to the taped point on the wall. A correct beam height should not illuminate an oncoming driver's face directly. Turn the screw located on the side of the headlight until the horizontal beam moves to the desired point, and repeat the process for the remaining headlight before replacing the rings and lowering the hood.

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