How Do You Adjust an External Wastegate?

How Do You Adjust an External Wastegate?

The external wastegate of a vehicle is adjusted by replacing the spring inside of its housing. There are several types of springs, all of which allow a sizable amount of boost pressure go enter the engine. The stiffer the spring is, the more boost pressure is required to open its valve.

An external wastegate is an important component of a turbocharging system. It acts like a gate, allowing the exhaust fumes to build up pressure before entering into the turbo charger. The boost pressure is regulated by a spring found inside of the wastegate, under the main cap. Each spring is rated to handle a certain amount of pressure, before it opens the valve. The following instructions explain how to replace the spring on an external wastegate and adjust its boost level.

  1. Allow the vehicle to turn off
  2. Wait for the engine to cool down.

  3. Lay out the springs
  4. Each spring is adjusted to allow a set amount of boost. Lay them out and label each spring to its required pressure.

  5. Open the wastegate
  6. Use a screwdriver to loosen the cap screws.

  7. Remove the spring
  8. Hold the cap down and remove the screws. Pull the cap off and replace the spring.