How Do You Adjust the Carburetor on a Polaris?


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To adjust the carburetor on a Polaris, identify the pins of the jets and the air adjustment valve connected to the vehicle's carburetor, adjust the pins to zero, and then turn the pins and the valve the required number of times to calibrate them. Use the adjustment chart to calibrate the carburetor properly.

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Begin adjusting the carburetor on a Polaris by switching off the vehicle's engine, and then take out the ignition key as a safety precaution. Allow the engine to cool completely. This reduces the risk of burning the hands when working on the carburetor.

After the engine cools, identify the gold pins present on the engine's side. The air valve and the fuel jets are situated on the engine's bottom. Also, refer to the adjustment chart provided in the owner's manual to know how many times the pins need to be turned for calibrating the carburetor.

To adjust the pins of the jets to zero, tighten them using a screwdriver until they are fully tight. Then, rotate the pins as many times as indicated in the adjustment chart. Turn the screw of the air valve in a similar fashion to calibrate the valve. Adjust the valve depending on the altitude at which the vehicle is driven to increase or decrease the flow of air to the engine.

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