How Do You Adjust Your Automotive Headlights?


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To adjust your automotive headlights, stand the vehicle in front of a wall, switch on the headlights first to the Low and then to the High setting, measure and mark the distance between the ground and the two headlamps and the low beam centers, and connect the markings via horizontal and vertical lines. Use the lines drawn and the adjustment screws of the two headlamps to adjust the low and high beams of the headlamps appropriately.

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When parking the car in front a blank wall for adjusting its headlights, leave adequate walking space between the vehicle and the wall. After switching on the headlights to Low, measure the distance between the ground and the headlamp center using a measuring tape. Mark the points on the wall, and connect them through a horizontal line.

Set the low beam so that it is emitted in a straight line from the lamps and its center falls at the center of the horizontal line. Turn the adjustment screws on the top and sides of the headlamp to adjust the beam upwards or downwards and towards right or left, respectively. Then, mark the low beam centers on the wall using a vertical line standing perpendicular to and intersecting the horizontal line.

Now, reverse the car so that the distance between the vehicle and the wall is 25 feet, and switch on the headlamps to High. Using the same adjustment screws, set the beam so that its center falls just under the horizontal line and lies approximately 12 inches from the low beam centers and towards the car's mid-point.

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